Where Small Builders can Kick-start Construction Business in Bahria Town Karachi

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Bahria Town Karachi offers diverse business and commercial opportunities with long-term benefits and good profit margin. Aside from having a commercial outlet or office space, there are also other lucrative ventures where small and medium entrepreneurs can invest their money, time and energy and get good rate of return in the end. One of such ventures is the building and construction sector.

No denying, the Bahria town Karachi itself is a very good venue of investment. Generally an investor buy a property file here, hold it up for some time and thereafter sell it to earn sizable profit depending on market situations. But there is also more moneymaking opportunity in the form of construction, for those who don’t like to wait or hold up property files.

Construction as Business Opportunity

Bahria Town Karachi is a mega real estate development scheme which has something for everyone. One does not need to be a billionaire or high-rise developer to start his construction business in Bahria Town. As a matter of fact small plots are ideal for small or new entrepreneurs to start their construction business from Bahria Town Karachi.

Notwithstanding, more than half of Bahria Town Karachi land’ is developed or under-construction, but there are still some Precincts where plots are properly demarcated and construction is allowed on them. Zuraaco Marketing after a detailed survey has identified few Precincts where plots are inexpensive and ideal for small constructors or investors to kick-start their construction business. Anyone can choose a plot from the sizable inventory of Zuraaco Marketing — buy it, construct a villa on it and upgrade his professional credentials with dignity and distinction.  Here are these Precincts;

Precinct 23 & 24

Both of these Precincts are ideally situated in Bahria Town Karachi, therefore residencies here are high-in-demand. A 125 yard plot’ price is about just 35 lakh Pakistani rupees here and it requires another Rs. 75 lakh as cost for construction, approximately. A double-storied villa can be built on it within 6 to 8 months and it can be sold above Rs. 125 lakh, earning a profit of above 25% on total investment.

Ali Block

Ali Block is a bit more handsome opportunity in terms of good rate of return. As a 125 yard plot is priced here nearly Rs. 65 lakh and after construction cost of Rs. 70 lakh, the two-storied villa can be easily sold here at Rs. 160 lakh.

Precinct 32   

If anyone is interested in construction on a 250 yard, the Precinct 32 is ideal for him. A plot costs here about Rs. 50 lakh. A double-storied villa needs a cost of Rs.125 lakh for construction in Bahria Town Karachi. But its selling price is usually set above Rs. 250 lakh in the mega housing scheme, which earns the constructor or investor a profit of Rs. 75 lakh in only 6 to 8 months.  

It must be noted that all these mentioned Precincts are legally approved and cleared from every dispute. Plots here are on-ground and properly demarcated. Development works have been completed, possessions are being given to allotees and construction work on plots are in full swing in many areas.

Therefore, to select your plot to start construction business contact Zuraaco Marketing, where a long list of above plots are available on first come first basis.

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