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Bahria Town Karachi is Pakistan’ one of the largest real estate developments with billions of rupees property portfolios. There are commercial, residential, recreational and other real estate ventures, providing homes, plots, commercial outlets, employments, business development, recreation and even health and education to thousands of people inside. In recent times when property market is saturated and billions of rupees’ investment is at stake due to global pandemic, Zuraaco Marketing tries to give new vision and dimension to the real estate market of Bahria Town Karachi.

Zuraaco Marketing’ Strength  

A marketing subsidiary of Zuraaco Real Estate Services and Builders, Zuraaco Marketing is one of the very first real estate firms to recognize the potential of Bahria Town Karachi and its investment prospects. Active in the market for more than three years, the company involved in the marketing as well as construction of modern day architectural landmarks.

Zuraaco Marketing has diverse and extensive property portfolios, with a mission to provide quality and new technology infused real estate solutions for its clients. It is one of the finest property marketplaces in Bahria Town Karachi for getting the right solutions. Either it is residential, commercial, mixed-use or recreational development, Zuraaco Marketing leads the line.

Modern Marketing Trends

The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on real estate businesses has been immense. Property buyers and sellers have become more cautious and apprehensive when it comes to dealing with realtors and one another. However, Zuraaco Marketing as one of the key real estate dealers in Bahria Town Karachi, brings efficient and pragmatic trends in real estate market which has restored communication and confidence between buyers and dealers. These trends are advanced, tech-based and targeted which are changing the dynamics of real estate marketing. 

Experience & Expertise

Modern real estate marketing is insufficient if it doesn’t involve tools like digital marketing, virtual tours, Youtube Vlogs, events, electronic media and many other things like that. At Zuraaco Marketing, these tools are adopted to market under-construction projects, property management and investment portfolios. Their marketing team is already experienced and trusted one in Bahria Town Karachi having credible clientele and impeccable expertise. Altogether, they give Zuraaco Marketing an edge over other rival companies and real estate agents in Bahria Town.      

Market’ Statement

Raheel Haroon the Chairman of Bahria Town Real Estate Dealers Association rightly says “Zuraaco Marketing is one of the most renowned and leading name in Bahria Town Karachi. Their credibility and proficiency is second to none. They have a very good and confident team of agents and I convey my best wishes to them for their success and strength.”