Why Villas are 1st Option as Your Property in Bahria Town Karachi

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A house, built on your own land is a dream of everyone, living anywhere on the planet earth. Therefore villas in Bahria Town Karachi have more demand and popularity compared to other property options in the mega real estate development. No doubt there are many other residential options of apartments and penthouses, which are extremely splendid and lavish in Bahria Town Karachi. But villas’ community neighborhoods have overpassed apartment complexes in terms of preference for residency.

A as a matter of fact, villas simply means rightful luxury and lifestyle, for which Bahria Town Karachi is widely known and reckoned. Let’s examine the other reasons and also have a look on important villas’ community neighborhoods in Bahria Town Karachi.

Bahria Security:   As law and order situation in urban areas of Pakistan, especially Karachi city, is not stable therefore people prefer to live in flats or apartments. Yet, a home having ownership of land remains first choice of a family. However, in Bahria Town there is no issue of security because of it’s a Gated-community project. Therefore homebuyers of Bahria Town Karachi’ preference is always a villa rather any apartmental abode.

Sense of Freedom:  Villas are spacious and there is good space around the house as well. That gives a sense of independency and freedom to rearrange interiors, luxury of car parking in your garage along with bikes and cycles. It doesn’t matter how big your villa be in Bahria Town but you own a luxury to make horticultural arrangements and enjoy a cup of tea at your lawn.

Peace & Privacy:  Villas offer much more privacy than apartment units. Crowds, resonances on the ceiling or through the walls, sounds of vehicles and other noises don’t trouble peaceful living in villas.

Healthy Life:  The atmosphere surrounds a villa is much healthier and purer than apartmental complex. There is lesser air and noise pollution, as you are close to the nature immersed with fresh air and serenity.

Superior Returns:  Generally villas often yield better Returns of Investments when compared to apartments. Similarly in Bahria Town Karachi, villas prices appreciate at a much higher rate than apartments.

Main Villas Neighborhoods

Bahria Town Karachi is designed impressively with highly-attractive residential villas. Different sizes of villas are available in Bahria Town Karachi that is located in different precincts. Let’s look into few of them;

Iqbal Villas

Hundreds of families have already moved to the beautifully constructed Iqbal villas. Measuring 150 yards, Iqbal Villas are located in Precinct 2 and very closed to the Main Jinnah Avenue and a minute drive away from Bahria Main Gate. They are double storied homes with 3 bedrooms with attached baths and drawing and dinning room.

Quaid Villas

For families in search of advanced facilities along with a comfortable and peaceful residence, Quaid villas are ideal homes for them in Bahria Town Karachi. Spread over 200 yards, each Quaid Villa has 3 spacious bedrooms along with drawing and dining. The double storied villa also have spacious terrace to view the beauty and serenity of the area. Quaid Villas also located in Precinct 2 and very near to the Main Jinnah Avenue and Bahria International Hospital.

Sports City Villas

Bahria Sports City offers 350 yards 4-Bed Luxury Villas in master planned community together with international sporting and recreational facilities. Ideally located in Precinct 34 to Precinct 45, Bahria Sports city is situated alongside the Jinnah Avenue having an easy access to all the main important venues of Bahria Town Karachi.

Ali Block Villas

Ali Block offers very affordable ready-to-live accommodation in Bahria Town Karachi and people from downtown of the city are settling here day by day. Ali Block is actually Precinct 12 of Bahria Town and consists of 125 yards villas, where all facilities are available and is considered one of the bests for investment as well as for living.

Overseas Villas

Precinct 1 in Bahria Town Karachi has been specifically planned keeping in view of Overseas Pakistani community. That’s why the other name of it is the Overseas Block, where luxury villas of 250 yards are highly upscale living options in Bahria Town Karachi. These villas are walking distance away from Bahria Main Gate and have three bedrooms with attached bathrooms.

These are some important villas options in BTK. For purchase and other information you can contact Zuraaco Marketing — the authorized dealer of Bahria Town Karachi.

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