The Construction Update of Dominion Business Centre III

  • 12 months ago
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Solid reputation, flawless planning, durable construction and timely delivery are known features, attributed with the name of Dominion in Bahria Town Karachi. Although, the renowned name of real estate business, especially in high rise development, has projects and property portfolios all over Pakistan.  However, the Dominion Business Centre 3, an under-construction venture in Bahria Town Karachi, is being arguably reckoned for overwhelming response and successfully meeting its completion deadline.  

Dominion Business Centre III

Notwithstanding, there are a number of skyscrapers being built alongside the main Jinnah Avenue, but the Dominion Business Center III has a lot to offer for business owners looking for workspaces and commercial property investments. It is a Ground+18 storied structure spanning over 1500 yards, planned solely for commercial and corporate perspectives. Here are showrooms at ground floor while various office spaces are available from 1st to 18th floor.

Dominion Business Centre III is being developed adjacent to Dominion Business Centre 2 in Precinct 1, Bahria Town Karachi. Located alongside the Main Jinnah Avenue and at the beginning of Jinnah Avenue Commercial, it is less than a minute drive-away from Bahria Town Karachi main entrance for motorists. It can also be easily stood out among other high rises at Mian Jinnah Avenue because of its lofty outlook and elegant shiny elevation with fully glassed exterior.

Construction Update

AS said earlier Dominion Properties are reputed for durable construction and timely delivery. Dominion Business Centre III is one of the best examples of their reputation. The approval of the project regarding design and building plan had been sought a year ago, but the construction of the project started in August with soil testing and necessary certifications. Thereafter, excavation was carried out and earth-resilient foundation finished up in October.

Not only the grey structure of the Basement has been completed but also the showrooms at Ground floor during November. Nowadays, those who own their properties on Ground floor are visiting to view their showroom spaces. Till the written of these lines the grey structure of the ground plus foundation is completed and concrete work is on at the first floor of the high rise building.


As the Dominion Business Centre III is an out and out commercial development, therefore it features offices, shops and other business outlets. The sizing of these commercial spaces ranges from 400 square feet to 4000 square feet, ideal and affordable for both small and big investors as well as businessmen.

Dominion Business Centre III has been widely appreciated because of its affordability, therefore was almost virtually sold out even before its construction. However, there are still few office spaces left at the 13th floor, available on one-shot payment only at Zuraaco Marketing. Besides there are also other properties at the 13th floor of the Dominion Business Centre 3, available on resale because of high demand of the project in the office of authorized dealer.

Zuraaco Marketing, the Authorized Dealer

Zuraaco Marketing is an authorized dealer of Dominion Business Centre III. The premier realtor is known for their trust, services and expertise in Bahria Town Karachi. We forecast Dominion Business Centre III as a win-win deal for everyone. Not only the pricing of the project are comparatively lower, but also it has the merging option available at Zuraaco Marketing.

The authorized realtor also deals in other commercial properties in Bahria Town Karachi, therefore contact us confidently.

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