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The World Economic Forum is of the opinion that in the battle against Covid-19 it is now essential for cities to recover their green spaces and increase plantation drives to reduce future pandemic risks and fight climate change. Bahria Town Karachi is widely claimed as “a city within city” and living inside this gated community with inspiring horticultural arrangements certainly ensure a healthy, secured living and carefree life.

Many real estate dealers in Bahria Town Karachi believe the neighborhood community living in one of the best real estate developments of Pakistan has no match with the other housing societies. Whether it is a villa or an apartment in Bahria Town Karachi, your residency is secured enough to protect you from all unhealthy activities and untoward incidents.

Catering the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic is deadly lethal and to survive against this menace one has to bring certain special arrangements in his lifestyle. First of all one must keep himself isolated from crowd communities and try to avoid going in densely locations. Second, he or she must move in open and airy locations, if there is need to go outdoor for day to day necessities. Besides a home surrounded by shady trees, serene parks and green belts is very helpful for all family members to breath always fresh and good level of oxygen. Bahria Town Karachi provides all these arrangements in one gated as well as walled community.

Health Facilities

The Bahria International Hospital is another important feature for all residents of Bahria Town Karachi in fight against global pandemic. The medical complex located near Main Jinnah Avenue provides world class health and medical facilities under one roof. There are specialist doctors and well trained staff available to serve you at 24/7. The hospital has fantastic quarantine arrangements and all other preventive facilities necessary for quick health recovery.

Green Spaces

There are innumerable gardens and family parks in Bahria Town. The roadside trees and green belts further add serenity in the housing scheme. Altogether these horticultural arrangements provide a healthy environment and serene atmosphere here, which together with openness and security   diminish the chances of virus infections for those who reside in Bahria Town Karachi.