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Bahria Town is widely reckoned and praised for its luxuries and lifestyle, where a sense of elitism and exclusivity fairly prevails among the neighborhood communities. And, inauguration of Gold Lounge in the Karachi’ Head Office of Bahria Town is just another feather in the luxurious lifestyle of Bahria Town Karachi’ cap.

The Gold Lounge has just been introduced from the 20th September in the Bahria Town Head Office for the convenience and comforts of its valued customers. With this privileged facility customers can attain effortless transfer processes of their property files in luxurious and serene environment.  Any customer can contact the Gold Lounge to take an appointment that suits his schedule and avail that privilege in style.

Why Gold Lounge

Due to rise in Bahria Town Karachi’ property portfolios in six years and real estate activities in recent times, there is too much rush and load for transfer documentation and processing in the Head Office. Every day lengthy queues of people for long-awaited hours are witnessed inside. That overcrowding also frightens customers in the wake of COVID 19 pandemic. But now one do not need to stand in long-awaited queues only to get his transfer token.

The Bahria Town staff come to you in Gold Lounge just to assist and handle itself everything in this processing. You only needs to pay an official fee of Rs. 10,000, and both buyers and sellers along with their brokers or real estate developers take this opportunity in hustle-free manner. Some sort of VIP protocol is given to you here with also tea and other refreshments.

Who are Beneficiaries?

The Gold Lounge is mainly beneficial and facilitating for overseas buyers. Because sometime in a very limited time schedule they are required to visit and involve in transfer processing in person. Gold Lounge saves them from that time-hustle.  Waqas Yousuf, the Director at Zuraaco Marketing, while sharing his experience tells about the Gold Lounge, “ One of my clients had to catch his flight in the evening therefore when I told about the opportunity of Gold Lounge, he got agreed in a second. I took appointment on his behalf and next day we both visited and within half hour his work was done.” Waqas further continues “He was very much delighted and thanked me in the end. Gold Lounge is specially for clients like him”.

However, the Gold Lounge is also a very good option for females. Rana Mudassir of Mars Associates says in this regard “Many ladies wear hijabs and they do not want to face in public. Bahria Town Karachi has made their task convenient with the facility of Gold Lounge.” Definitely rush and long queues are cumbersome process for women in any public place. But in Gold Lounge they get their file transferred quickly, while maintaining their privacy and without involving in physical exertion, as all the work is performed by their agents and Bahria town staff.

In a word Gold Lounge is an excellent and exclusive facility, introduced by Bahria Town Karachi. Not only it make the clients’ file transfer processing easier, but also give a sense of pride and privilege, being a customer of Bahria Town.

For having an appointment of Gold Lounge Contact Zuraaco Marketing.